365 Days of Protection can cost you as little as 4½¢*/gal

* - Per gallon treatment rate is based on annual consumption.

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1Cetane- Faster engine startup, less electrical & starter, cold weather startup.

2Stabilizer- Extend fuel storage life, tolerate extreme temperature changes that occur as seasons change.

3Demulsifier- Less injector wear, fewer filter replacements, helps prevent biological growth.

4Anti-Corrosion- Saves injector pumps, prevents fuel line leaks, slow oxidation, saves storage tank degredation.

5Detergent- Improves fuel effenciency, greater horsepower. extends pump & injection.

6Cold Flow- Improves all cold weather operability by up to 46ยบ Farenheit.

7Lubricity- Extends fuel pump life, protects moving parts.

8Metal Deactivator- Prevents engine gum & oxidation catalysts that greatly shorten shelf/ storage life.